Cost Savings

With increasingly sophisticated supply chain planning tools and methodologies, leading technologycompanies continue to modify their manufacturing models in an effort to maintain and improve profitabilityOEM and EMS companies face ever-increasing pressures for incremental revenue growth. Rising coststhroughout the supply chain from raw materials to transportation, all contribute to shrinking margins and lackluster bottom line performance.
Our Material Cost Reduction (MCR) program enables our customers to periodically analyze their totamaterials spend in an effort to selectively and discreetly source a portion of their blended demand throughsafe and reliable alternative channels. By utilizing Classic's global network of partner technologycompanies, along with our extensive procurement resources, our customers can isolate low risk/ow visibilityopportunities for driving incremental profitability.
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Our worldwide network includes relationships with manufacturers, franchised distributors and independent distributors. Whether difficult to find, obsolete or end of life product, KST has the contacts and sourcing to find and deliver the correct parts to our customers in a timely manner all at competitive prices.
Our successful concept is based on the following items;
● Constant tracking of components and we only purchase from reliable suppliers
● Delivery over night or just in time
● The purchasing department has relationships established with most of our suppliers whether domestically or internationally, this enables the best possible prices for each component
● We offer competitive terms as well as volume purchase agreements for our customers


Supply chain solutions

Navigating the global component market can stretch your purchasing department thin, especially when acquisition costs and managing sprawling supplier bases add to their challenges. When it becomes a struggle to get the parts your company needs, it’s time to ease this burden and get back to business.

How We Help
Consolidate similar or overlapping suppliers
● Eliminate low-volume suppliers
● Centralize your supplier approval process
● Reduce personnel and transactional costs
● Increase procurement speed and flexibility
● Ensure product quality


Shortage Sourcing

Whether you’re in quest of reducing extended lead times or to locate allocated, obsolete, and/or end-of-life electronic components, semiconductors, and other difficult-to-locate electronic components like murata multilayer ceramic capacitors, KST has the supply-chain expertise to resolve your material shortages. An increase in production or supply delay by another supplier may lead to shortage issues and possibly the risk of a line down situation. With KST’s rapid response times, unmatched sourcing and experience in global logistics, we can eliminate the stress of shortage situations and deliver the solutions you require, thus removing disruption to your production lines.
KST understands the importance of shortage elimination and our team of highly qualified sales people are ready and capable to quickly source electronic components from around the world. From the first point of contact each customer is assigned a dedicated account manager who will handle component sourcing and logistics to ensure that your production lines remain in full production mode. We employ the identical practice for obsolete parts and End-of-Life material, therefore, providing our customers with the best solution for all of your supply chain requirements.

● Worldwide search
● Swift fulfillment
● Meticulous quality inspection process
● Competitive pricing
● Broad product offering
● Shortage solutions
● EOL/Obsolete solutions
● Extensive inventory