The HMC346ALC3B is an absorptive Voltage Variable
Attenuator (VVA) in a leadless “Pb free” RoHS compliant SMT mount ceramic package operating from
DC – 18 GHz. It features an on-chip reference attenuator for use with an external op-amp to provide
simple single voltage attenuation control, 0 to -5V.
The device is ideal in designs where an analog DC
control signal must control RF signal levels over a
30 dB amplitude range. The HMC346ALC3B allows
the use of surface mount manufacturing techniques.


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    Wide Bandwidth: DC – 18 GHz
    Low Phase Shift vs. Attenuation
    30 dB Attenuation Range
    Simplified Voltage Control
    RoHS Compliant 3 x 3 mm SMT Package