MBA/SMA 0204, MBB/SMA 0207, and MBE/SMA 0414
professional leaded thin film resistors are the general
purpose resistor for all fields of professional electronics
where reliability and stability is of major concern. Typical
applications include industrial, telecommunication,
automotive, and medical equipment.


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    • CECC version (IECQ-CECC approved
    according to EN 140101-806)
    • Excellent overall stability: class 0.25
    • Wide ohmic range: 0.22  to 22 M
    • AEC-Q200 qualified available (1)
    • Radial version available for MBB/SMA 0207
    • Alternative termination wires available e.g. weldable wire
    (MBA/SMA 0204 only)
    • Material categorization: for definitions of compliance
    please see